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An introduction to these brief biographies: These actors are not here because they have been lost to younger generations in the mists of time (though with many, that is true). (Again, it is not about an era; it's about a timeless category of actors.) They are here because, even as familiar as their faces are, the actors' own peers by generation usually can't identify them by name. That is why you will find, for example, neither Gale Gordon nor S. Epatha Merkerson here. When Merkerson is in a television commercial she is identified onscreen as the named spokesperson; Supporting TV Cast! subjects are not.
They are generally under lauded. I'm betting that when Gale Gordon appears in a film on Turner Classic John Anderson Movies, he is mentioned, by name, in the host introduction. I'm betting, too, (and please correct me if I'm wrong) when John Anderson - who played more than 500 television roles in his career - appears on TCM, he is NOT pointed out, despite being the used car salesman in Psycho.
Yet, familiarity is the key. As familiar as old friends and often as taken for granted as some family members just outside our own immediate household circles might be, every actor whose story will appear here - whether alive or no longer among us - has produced a large body of work in television. ~FW

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The Actor Who Slapped Sidney Poitier

I'm Not Frank Lovejoy

Off-the-Record All These Years???

My Dinner with Wally

Almost Ravished in the Library

Your Face Is in the Script

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